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UCS and APCA hold dissemination workshops on patient – public engagement and participation in Uganda

Uganda Cancer Society (UCS) partnered with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) to implement a small project entitled: “Conducting Patient Public Engagement Workshops”. Two Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with patients were held to that effect. The aim of the FGDs was to pick views and perceptions of patients regarding their participation and involvement in both research and programme delivery for their care. Additionally, the FGDs aimed at learning more about patients’ concerns living with cancer and to discuss best strategies for promoting self-care and self-support.

This dissemination workshop targeted senior management team of Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) and UCI Research Ethics Committee (UCI REC) who were introduced to the particular issues which informed the FGD and the issues arising from these engagements, which could help improve service delivery at the Institute. Participants were delighted to note suggestions which can improve service delivery and patient’s participation in research. UCI REC called for continuous dialoguing on issues of patient engagement in research as a way of improving research outcomes and service delivery. On a similar note, UCI Management led by the Executive Director, Dr. Jackson Orem, pledged to domesticate key recommendations of the workshop to enrich their day-to-day engagement with patients.